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Distance Learning

Distance learning has become the new norm for our community due to Covid-19. As always, we as a community have risen above the challenges and adjusted to this new norm with an 'Above the line' mindset. It has been awesome seeing new 'Gold' as our schools and centres learn, share and grow whilst in this new space.
This page is dedicated to our schools and centres as a place of sharing our knowledge and practice through distance learning. There is no set 'rules' or concrete pathway in this journey, rather one where our teachers and educators have inquired, trialled, adapted and continue to grow for our tamariki.

The #gold in our schools

Check out what's happening in our schools through distance learning.


Procedures & processes

Some useful processes and procedures that were used to help keep staff and students safe.


Useful videos

Check out some of these useful videos and tutorials used to help whānau and students use online tools and platforms.


Examples of DL in our community

Check out some of the resources and videos our teachers used throughout DL to engage student learning.