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Learner Agency

COVID- 19 meant many challenges for our Tokoroa Kāhui Ako. However, with our above the line mindset and Tokoroa ingenuity, we worked alongside our awesome PLD provider to still bring you relevant learning around Learner Agency. Here is our Part 2 of learning around "the how" do I do this in my classroom? Check out the following video to continue your growth and learning around Learner Agency.

Learner Agency Self-reflection Book

Written by Mary-Anne Murphy, this book will help you to self reflect on your learner agency journey and determine where you are at and what next steps you can take.

Learner Agency Matrix: Where am I?

Find out where on your journey you sit in Learner Agency using this rubric. 


For more learning, click in and take yourself to the next level of understanding through some of these Readings.


Watch this space...

Screen Shot 2020-03-04 at 8.44.08 AM.png

One of the tools we are fortunate to have access to is this image that has been designed by Mary Anne Murphy. Through her design of learner agency, we can gather an understanding as to the importance of each element and its place.

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